Cuppa Joe (Fresh Coffee)
Down Time (Bourbon & Cola)
New Glove (Leather)
Play Ball (Cut Grass)
Tall Tales (Campfire)
Gentlemen's Pleasure (Pipe)
Work Bench
Smoke & Grill (BBQ)
Pine Forest (Pine Trees)
Mountain Lake
Ocean Retreat
Cops Delight

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When a Manly scent is needed!

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Welcome To MenScents Candles :

MenScents:  When a Manly scent is needed! | Candles for men | Man candles | Manly candles | Candles made just for men - women need not apply (just kidding - women are more then welcomed).
Guys, have you ever come home from a hard days work only to find your house smelling like flowers?  If your answer is "yes", then it's time to take back your castle with MENSCENTS.  The candles that bring familiar scents to men and remind us of what, we as men love. 
SEASONAL SPECIAL:  The leaves turn from green to amber and the air turns colder. What could be better than a little slice of Autumn on your plate. Pumpkin pie, just like Grandma used to make.


Choose scents like; Cuppa Joe (coffee), Tall Tales (campfire), PlayBall (fresh cut grass), Down Time (bourbon & cola), New Glove (leather), Smoke & Grill (BBQ) and many more.  So the next time you feel a little low in your manliness, light a MENSCENTS and bring back the MAN!!!  These candles are not pretty, they do not smell flowery, but that is why they are MENSCENTS, candles for men.

These candles are made with 100% filtered bees wax, along with the finest oils available. They are ECO-FRIENDLY, have a lead free wick, and are handmade in the USA.  Each 2oz & 8oz candle will burn cleanly and emit a manly scent that any real guy will appreciate.

Don't be fooled by cheaper imitation candles that claim to be 100% beeswax. Other manufactures claim to use 100% beeswax, but they dilute their candles with unsafe petroleum.

Sorry - no International sales.

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Please Note:  we do not discriminate against women buyers.  In fact, many women buy our candles for themselves, boyfriends, husbands, brothers, sons, etc.



Amazing Fact:  Most of the commercial candles that line typical retail store shelves are made of mostly synthetic wax.

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